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I Support Hiawatha's 18-Hole Golf Course!

At the last Park Board meeting at the Hiawatha Clubhouse an attendee asked Park Board personnel why they want to close the 18-hole golf course. The Park Board representative said, it is what people want. So, we want to put together a petition of 18-hole supporters.

How can you help?

Send an e-mail to:

We would appreciate your name and address, and the number of people at that address who support retaining 18 holes. You don't need to be a Minneapolis resident. Also, let us know why you want the 18-hole golf course to remain!


You can help us collect names for the petition!

Download the petition from this page, print it and collect names of your family, friends and neighbors who support keeping Hiawatha's 18-hole golf course. Then, return it to us. (Info is on the form.)

We will put together a petition from all of the information that is collected.