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DNR Questions and Answers About Pumping at Hiawatha Golf Course

September 2018

Early on in the Hiawatha Golf Course project, the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board (MPRB) told the public that the DNR would not allow the current level of pumping at Hiawatha Golf Course for dewatering of the golf course. There is still a belief in the community that this is true. In the interest of clarity, SaveHiawatha18 sent a series of questions to the DNR in 2018, asking them to clarify this issue. Barb Naramore, Assistant Commissioner of the DNR, responded to us, saying that they had no specific volume of pumping that they would allow or disallow. They would weigh in once the MPRB gave them an application for a pumping permit.

For total clarity, you can read her full response to SaveHiawatha18 at the following link:

DNR Pumping Response