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Hiawatha Golf Course Master Plan Expenditures - October 2020

A public data request to the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board reveals how much money has been spent, so far, on the Hiawatha Golf Course Master Plan. What is the number as of October of 2020?


Spending by year is as follows:
2015: $ 54,825.49
2016: $ 30,641.52
2017: $385,355.37
2018: $ 80,874.84
2019: $184,762.14
2020: $135,299.93

The Park Board is closing in on spending One Million Dollars on a plan that huge numbers of people don't support. If you believe that this has been a waste of money and it is time to put Park Board money to better use, let the Park Board Commissioners know!

Contact info for the Commissioners

Below are the spreadsheets with the detailed information obtained from a public data request:

Spreadsheet 1
Spreadsheet 2