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Hiawatha Golf Course Master Plan Public Survey Comments - April 2020

SaveHiawatha18 submitted a public data request for a copy of the public comments to the latest Hiawatha Golf Course Master Plan. Note: We removed any personal identifying information that we saw (names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses) for privacy considerations. Click the following link to view these comments:

Hiawatha Golf Course Master Plan
Public Comments

The MPRB has published the survey results for the Hiawatha Golf Course preferred plan. I have gone through the responses to try and quantify the results. Based on my assessment, the top 10 responses were:

157 people want the 18 hole golf course retained
  85  people like or are OK with the new plan
  25  people worry that the homes will not be protected from flooding
  25  people like proposed winter activities
  16  people say that the proposal duplicates amenities that are nearby
  16  people like the snow-making proposal
  14  people want to get rid of the golf course
  13  people want the project postponed due to COVID and economic problems
  11  people say the proposed financials are suspect
  10  people like paths around the lake
  10  people ask to explore other ways to mitigate the water coming into the lake

My assessment is not totally perfect, since it is difficult to read through all of the responses, and some of the responses are difficult to categorize, but it is very clear that a large majority of the respondents want to retain the 18 hole golf course.

Please let the Park Board know how you feel about the survey results.
Contact Info For Your Representatives.