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Hiawatha Golf Course Master Plan Public Survey Comments - August 2020

SaveHiawatha18 submitted a public data request for a copy of the public comments to the latest Hiawatha Golf Course Master Plan. Note: We removed any personal identifying information that we saw (names, addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses) for privacy considerations. Click the following link to view these comments:

Hiawatha Golf Course Master Plan
Public Comments

We have gone through the responses to try and quantify the results. This is a best effort to quantify the ideas put forth in 347 written comments. Here are the top 15 responses:

 196   Keep the 18 hole golf course
 41   Reject Master Plan / bad plan / waste of money / cost too high / put plan on hold
 38   Honor black golfers by retaining the 18-hole golf course
 33   9-hole golf course is unsustainable / money loser / beginners only / insufficient for demand
 29   Plans for water mitigation/protection of homes are questionable/ill-defined/won't work/need more study
 29   Amenities already exist in the Hiawatha/Nokomis parks or can be done nearby
 26   Want golf course there for my kids / kids in general
 23   A diverse golf course (users are all races, ages, genders,...)
 22   18-hole golf course is a neighborhood institution
 22   Redesign/upgrade current 18-hole golf course/facilities
 20   Support the plan
 20   Put money towards more needed areas / areas in disrepair / existing infrastructure
 17   Only golf course in the city proper / inner city
 16   Save the parks at 43rd-19th and 44th-Longfellow
 15   Will be less property for other activities - only golf and water in summer
 15   Fix trash problem first (separately)

This assessment is not totally perfect, since it is difficult to read through all of the responses, and some of the responses are difficult to categorize, but it is very clear that a large majority of the respondents want to retain the 18 hole golf course.

Please let the Park Board know how you feel about the survey results.
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