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Hiawatha Golf Course Is For Sale?

During the Planning Committee meeting of the Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board on Wednesday, July 11, 2018, Assistant Superintendent Michael Schroeder stated that the Hiawatha Golf Course might be for sale?

The Planning Committee voted 3-2 to not allow the Hiawatha Golf Course Community Advisory Committee (CAC) to consider retention of the 18-hole golf course. The CAC can only consider uses that would be possible once the golf course is flooded under the "reduced pumping scenario." During the discussion, President Brad Bourn asked Mr. Schroeder how he would pay for the $20 to $41 million dollar price tag of the new plan. One of Mr. Schroeder's suggestions was that the Park Board could make deals with other communities to sell the city's new wetland storage. So, Lake Hiawatha, which is already a big dumping ground for communities upstream, could be an even bigger dumping ground for those communities.

Also, part of the discussion involved the importance of Hiawatha's 18 Hole Golf Course to the Black community in Minneapolis. Commissioner Londel French and Acting Superintendent Mary Merrill stated how important this golf course is, both historically, and as a vibrant resource for the Black community today.

Those who voted to restrict consideration of the CAC to the "reduced pumping scenario" were Meg Forney, Jono Cowgill and Chris Meyer. Voting against the proposal were Londel French and Kale Severson.

Note: Hiawatha Golf Course is, likely, the most diverse golf course in the State of Minnesota.

by Kathryn Kelly