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Environmental myths that have been debunked

  • Hiawatha Golf Course is sinking. The MPRB's own documents say that there is no data to show that this is happening. Pressure to prove this statement has caused the MPRB to back off of this statement.
  • Hiawatha Golf Course is in violation of its existing pumping permits. This has been proven false. They are in compliance with their existing irrigation permits. But, due to the increased water coming into Lake Hiawatha and the golf course, pumping has increased and the DNR says that the MPRB needs a dewatering permit.
  • The DNR won't allow the current pumping level to continue at Hiawatha Golf Course. The DNR has stated that they have not defined a pumping level that is acceptable or unacceptable.
  • Hiawatha Golf Course is polluting Lake Hiawatha. This is untrue. MPRB documents state that the golf course is contributing less than 1% of the phosphorus pollution going into Lake Hiawatha. Minnesota State law prohibits the use of phosphorus on turf grass in the metropolitan area. The golf course abides by this law. Therefore, any phosphorus coming from the golf course is latent phosphorus in the soil or phosphorus being introduced to the golf course from elsewhere.
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