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Hiawatha's Water World!

March 21, 2019.

So, the Minneapolis Park Board has unveiled 3 new Concepts for the Hiawatha Golf Course Property!

Their resolution stated that it needed to contain "a minimum of 9 holes of golf". So, they introduced Concept 1 for the first half hour of their presentation. And, how many holes of golf did Concept 1 have?    FOUR!!

Yet, just prior to that, the Park Board staff stated that the Resolution bound them to reducing pumping by 70% because it referenced the old Alternative B. I guess the Resolution is only binding if the particular clause supports what the staff and Ms. Musich want.

Concepts 2 and 3 did include 9 holes of golf around the perimeter of the property, interspersed with huge tracts of water. Also included was a long walking path (floating dock?) over the new lake where golfers and the general public would jointly be traversing this stretch of Water World! And, one concept had a water driving range where floating golf balls would be hit into the water, and be collected periodically by employees, we guess, in boats.

The whole kitchen sink of amenities was, again, offered up so that everyone and their brother would get something out of this new swamp, except, of course, 18 holes of golf. The little clubhouse knoll would now house at least 2 buildings and a bigger parking lot.

And, how are the neighboring homes protected from Water World? We just have to believe, and they will be protected.

Finally, how much will all of this cost the taxpayer? The previous plan (Alternative B) was estimated to cost between $22 million and $42 million. This new, better plan will cost the taxpayers between $28 million and $62 million. What is the annual profit/loss for these plans, you ask? The property is estimated to LOSE $400,000 per year. A bargain at 50 times the price.

You can view the new Concepts on the Hiawatha Golf Course Project Page under Key Documents.