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Hiawatha Golf Course Memorials
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Hiawatha Golf Course is the proud home of, at least, 39 memorials. These memorials recognize people to whom Hiawatha Golf Course was an extra-special place. They were given by family and friends. The following lists the Memorials and provides information about the people memorialized that we have obtained.

If you have any information about the memorialized people, or any memorials that we have missed, we'd love to add it to this web page. Please feel free to Contact Us.

  • ID: 3
    Name: Ed Solomon
    Hole #: 1 - Right side of tee box.
    Inscription: In Memory of Ed Solomon.
    Type of Memorial: Tree.
    • Edward C. Solomon was a Black Minneapolis Park Board Commissioner, possibly the first one. He was a Park Commissioner from 1996 until his death in 2002, and served as president of the Park Board in 2000-2001. Solomon Park in South Minneapolis was named for him in 2004. Ed was appointed to the Park Board to fill a vacancy, and was subsequently elected. Prior to serving on the Park Board, Ed Solomon was active for many years as a volunteer and football coach at McRae Park. He served as president of the McRae Park Athletic Council for 15 years.