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Black Golf History
Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota

This collection provides information that we have been able to find over the past year about golf within the Black community in the Twin Cities. Although, not meant to be a definitive history of Black golf in the Twin Cities area, it provides much insight into the importance of golf and Hiawatha Golf Course to the Black community.

Minneapolis Public golf courses were established from 1916 to 1934. Theodore Wirth appeared to be the driver in establishing the golf courses in every part of the City of Minneapolis so that this sport was available to everyone. This provided access to golf for minority golfers in the Twin Cities.

  • Theodore Wirth Golf Course opened in 1916, serving North Minneapolis. Originally named Glenwood, it is now the oldest public golf course in Minnesota.
  • Columbia Golf Course opened in 1919, serving North East Minneapolis.
  • Armour Golf Course (now Francis Gross Golf Course) opened in June of 1924, serving North East and South East Minneapolis.
  • Meadowbrook Golf Course opened in 1926, serving the western part of South Minneapolis.
  • Hiawatha Golf Course opened in 1934, serving the eastern part of South Minneapolis.

  • Black Golf History - Early Anecdotes
    The Black community immediately took advantage of the opportunities afforded by public golf courses. Early anecdotes in the local black newspapers indicated that black residents were golfing on the golf courses as soon as they were opened.

    Black Golf History - Discrimination Against Black Golfers
    The Black community could use the Minneapolis public golf courses, but they were not afforded all of the priviledges that white patrons enjoyed.

    Black Golf History - Photo Gallery - Minneapolis and St. Paul
    View our photo gallery of Black golfers and tournaments.

    Black Golf History - Tournaments
    Since Black golfers were not welcomed in existing golf tournaments run by white golfers, they ran their own tournaments, both locally and nationally.

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